The Error of Feeling-Based Worship

While preaching from 1 Corinthians 5:1, Alistair Begg gives an account of an experience attending a church where the focus by the “worship team” is on feelings, and not the truths of God’s Word.

So many churches and professing Christians are placing the emphasis on feelings today, and the timeless, changeless truths of God’s Word are relegated to 2nd or 3rd place (or even lower). The Christian does not rest his or her assurance on how they feel about God, but on what God says about them in His Word!

How sad that so many Christians who really and sincerely desire to worship and serve the Lord, are being led astray by false teachers presenting a false gospel in which their listeners are being encouraged to “trust their feelings” rather than trust God and His Word.

There’s some humour in this, but the message is serious. Very serious.